Twilight Zone

About this single

Coronavirus, Covid-19. How do we protect ourselves, what happens to us, what’s next?
Countries and their governments around the world are looking for solutions. China is already slowly starting to revive its economy, while India, with its lockdown, is taking a big risk for the poorest in the region. Italy and Spain are barricading themselves and praying while France and the USA have declared war on the invisible enemy.

The world holds its breath.

In her current Single Twilight Zone Rheia refers to the current situation of the world.

There’s no good nor Evil there
If you dare, someone will care


Twilight Zone

Vocal by Eva Gisler
Orchestra, Drums and Synths by Pascale Peng
Mixed by Pascale Peng
Mastered by Oliver Corrodi

Arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyric by Pascale Peng