Thoughts Are Creative – Vol. 1

Let the thoughts run free. Be creative. Take your time. Listen to yourself. When was the last time you really took time?

When boredom threatens you reflexively reach for your smartphone. Checking e-mails, looking through what-app groups, updating ourselves with news portals about world events, maybe checking the pictures from our last holiday trip again. And whoosh, time has passed. Isn’t it wonderful: we have conquered boredom!

If only it were that simple. The view on the screen, the quick click, that only helps over short periods of time, moments in which you could look around, review the course of the day or whistle your favourite piece of music softly to yourself. Let your thoughts be creative.

Thoughts Are Creative

Orchestra, Choir and Synths by Pascale Peng

Mixed by Alain Pauli and Pascale Peng
Mastered by Alain Pauli

Song written by Pascale Peng & Roland Scialpi

Song arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng