Three Pair of Dancing Shoes – The Story

Gleaming lamp lies all forgotten, no wonders happen anymore. Genie in it is all sad, they forgot him, this is bad. Yet a little ladybug, flies upon the lamp, with her feet she slides along, just like a rubbing hand.
Genie jumps out of the lamp, doesn’t see the summoning hand. The little ladybug jumps up, the genie sees the ladybug. How did it happen that the two, doesn’t see the summoning hand. There where a lot od ladybugs, along the genies shore. Ladybug and Genie dance. They like each other well and if they never, ever died, they’re still dancing out there.

«Tell me your wish, what do you want, what can I give, beside a new plant? What’s in your heart, what shall come true, want to be rich? And beautiful too?», asked the Genie.

«I can but laugh about such an idea, why should I want more than nature will give? Although there’s something that I could use, give me three pairs of dancing shoes!», said the Ladybug.

«That’s all you wish, that’s all you want, just shoes to dance, when you could have it all? Is there nothing else in the world? There’so so much more, of greater worth!», responded Genie.