Souls Dawn

About this single

Can a connection that knows neither time nor space simply be dissolved? Or is it this very connection that defines space and time? Aren’t the people who supposedly separate actually trapped in a space-time-continuum? In a four-dimensional construct consisting of the three-dimensional space, the consciousness, the emotions, the experiences and the one-dimensional time, the past, present and future. There’s no way out. Without space no time, without time no space.

Soul speaks to soul
And heart to heart
With a million miles
We’re still not apart


Souls Dawn

Vocal by Susanna Maeder
Orchestra, Drums and Synths by Pascale Peng
Bass by Mike Utz

Mixed by Pascale Peng
Mastered by Oliver Corrodi

Arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyric by Pascale Peng