Read your mind

About this single

Lies. Don’t we all lie? At what point is a lie a lie? Studies show that everyone lies between 25-200 times a day. Because lying also means leaving out information.
But lies aren’t always bad. Lying is also a social competence, namely when you do not tell the truth to protect others. But at the end of the day we tell the truth more often than lying. Whoever loses this balance loses himself. How about you?

See the lies in your eyes
Read your mind when you’re here
See the eyes in your lies
Listen to the voice you can’t hear


About the singers

The singles were recorded with Mary Dale and Susanna Maeder.
The collaboration with Mary Dale from Orefik was inspiring and rousing.
With Susanna Maeder, there is not only a new featuring guest to hear, but also the new voice of Rheia. She has been working in the music business for 25 years and is now taking the next step by singing the studio recordings for Rheia.
A big thank you to both of you for working together. You are great women!

Read your mind

Vocal by Mary Dale & Susanna Maeder
Orchestra, Drums and Synths by Pascale Peng
Mixed by Pascale Peng
Mastered by Oliver Corrodi

Arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyric by Pascale Peng