About this single

From time to time we find inspiration in people who are evil. Do we harm ourselves when we surround ourselves with such people or can we use them as a means to an end and draw creative spirit from such relationships? This is what the single Marco deals with.

Finding inspiration in disturbing personalities is a hot topic and with the flow of information we have available at the moment, it is coming back into focus. Netflix, for example, was forced to make two statements on this topic within a short time. Background are two own productions of Netflix, which both present a charismatic and good-looking killer as the central figure to the audience:
«You – You will love me» is the fictional story of a young manager of a bookstore. When he falls in love with a young writer, he becomes increasingly obsessed with her and soon stops at nothing to secure his place in her life. «The Ted Bundy Tapes» is a documentary series based on the true events of serial killer Ted Bundy. Bundy had raped and killed at least 30 women in the 1970s.
Both series are apparently very popular with the public. According to Netflix’ own information, «You» was watched by 40 million households within the first month.
However, this great success now brings with it an effect that Netflix would hardly have wanted. In the social media, more and more fans of the series sympathize with the two main characters. Especially Joe Goldberg, the protagonist from «You», is well received by the female audience. The fact that the character is actually a psychopath who has no problem manipulating his victim and removing human disruptive factors seems to be ignored by the fans.

If you were riding the pale horse of death, you still would be shining, like a comet of ice. You’d look like fire, and would let us burn, but those that are close, still would be spurned.



Vocal by Eva Gisler
Orchestra, Drums and Synths by Pascale Peng
Mixed by Pascal Peng
Mastered by Oliver Corrodi

Arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyric by Pascale Peng