Heavenly Crew – Lyrics

 Your time wasn't over, many things still to do
 You will need our help, strong heavenly crew
 We'll be there for questions and answers to give
 We'll move for you mountains, but you have to live
 Have you ever felt
 Touch of heaven's love
 The earth from below
 Meets sky from above
 Have you ever felt
 Heart of heaven's light
 The earth from below
 And heavens deligth
 We know it's not easy, you learnt to survive
 There's only one reason: change's equal to life
 Now use your whole body, react with your mind
 Believe us and trust us, any questions to find?
 Have you ever felt
 Touch of heaven's love
 The waters from below
 Meet those from above
 Have you ever seen
 Rainbows in the sky
 The colors from below
 Teach your soul to fly
 You know us, you trust us
 We're here for all time
 Believe us and trust us
 You know it's all fine
 We'll be here forever
 It's equal to never
 We're always here and always there
 And at the same time everywhere
 Have you ever heard
 The rhythm of pure love
 The heartbeat of yourself
 Meets the one above
 Have you ever told
 The truth of soul and heart
 Now's the perfect time
 Come and make a start