Goddesses Cards

Goddesses Cards

44 Goddesses Cards – Tarot Cards

Art by Liliana Dorache
German Channelings by Elisa Trolese
English Channelings by Rene Blaser
Produced by Pascale Peng

Do you know this feeling? «I wish I’d listened to my gut. My inner voice recommended it to me and I overheard it several times! I have seen signs and ignored them.»

If you have already thought this or something similar, then you feel like me and many, many other people. If the everyday life runs smoothly and everything is best, also your intuition (the feeling, the hunch, the idea and your impulses) is relatively good. However, if it gets hectic or your environment is in chaos or drastic changes, then your intuition is still there, but not loud and convincing enough that you act accordingly. Above all, your critical voice is louder, seeing everywhere only the negative or that which could not work.

There are many ways to boost your intuition, strengthen your connection to your Higher Self and the Spiritual World, and turn off the critical or anxious head cinema: breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, meridian tapping techniques, trance coaching, card decks with beautiful & inspiring images and words, sitting in the power, walks in nature, media-free time, keeping a book of gratitude, and, and, and…..there are unlimited possibilities.