Forgotten Gods

The beginning of my journey as Rheia!

About this album

Forgotten Gods was my first studio album and the beginning of my journey as Rheia. The songs are about similarities, differences, love, darkness and life. The core statement is that you and I are one! The song Golden Gates is about being different and dealing with it, while Confirmation is about a conversation with the goddess Diana who helps us through the darkest times. Whether we can free ourselves from our everyday life and set structures is discussed in the song WebLady.

As a feature guest Andrea Dätwyler can be heard in Fogotten Gods.

I’m really proud of the lyrics on this album. The main message is that you an I are one.


Forgotten Gods

Vocal by Pascale Peng
Vocal on Forgotten Gods by Andrea Dätwyler
Vocal on Confirmation by Margo Cadias
Vocal on Brothers by Raphael Hilfiker
Guitars on WebLady, Golden Gate, Deal by Monika Hagmann
Guitars on Change, Scorpions Revenge, 12:10, Confirmation by Kathrin Schlumpf
Guitars on Forgotten Gods, Trying, Call to the Elements by Marc Gertsch
Keyboards by Pascale Peng
Piano Intro on WebLady by Marco Ritter
Bass by Urs Jossen
Drums by Andy Keller
Orchester by East West Symphonic Orchestra, written & arranged by Pascale Peng. Conducted by Andy Keller
Choir by East West Symphonic Choir, written & arranged by Pascale Peng. Conducted by Andy Keller

Vocal Coaching by Patrik Schwitter
Mixed by Andy Keller & Rainer Rütimann at Klangfaktur Aarau
Mastered by Simon Oberender at Gatestudio Wolfsburg

All songs written and arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyrics by Pascale Peng & René Blaser