Forgotten Goddesses

Forgotten Gods, reworked an rewritten.

About this album

Forgotten Goddesses contains a large part of the songs from my first studio album Fogotten Gods. But most of the lyrics were reworked or completely rewritten. With this album I could realize my wish for an album with orchestra and drums. Forgotten Goddesses contains the same songs as the album Forgotten Divinity, but there are no drums in the second album.

The song Stepping into power has a special meaning for me. I wrote this song on November 14, 2011. Two days later, on November 16, 2011, 950 kilograms fell on me. I was at the Zurich Opera House rebuilding the stage for Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” after the morning rehearsal for the play “Turandot”, when the misfortune happened: A footbridge weighing several hundred kilograms fell from the stage onto the lower stage, where it met two lighting technicians and me. Years later I noticed the connection with Stepping into power. I wrote two days before the misfortune: “Now is the time, don’t wait any longer. Just let go of your body, go deeper and deeper. For there in your heart, your soul is awaiting. To heal your fears, to help creating.”
When the scenery fell on me, I was immediately dead. It was one of the most extreme and at the same time most beautiful experiences in my life. Even though I am not a believer, I know now that there is something out there that science cannot explain.

Guardian Angels by my side. Protected with a golden light. My body saved, no fear, just love. Thanks to the powers from above.


Forgotten Goddesses

Vocals by Pascale Peng
Vocal on Timuniel by Pia Lucia Sitas
Guitars on Timunil by Patrik Schwitter
Drums by Domenico Russo Antunez
Orchester by East West Symphonic Orchestra, written & arranged by Pascale Peng
Choir by East West Symphonic Choir, written & arranged by Pascale Peng

Vocal Coaching and Recording by Patrik Schwitter at Sunhillstudio in Bremgarten, Switzerland
Mixed by Patrik Schwitter at Sunhillstudio in Bremgarten, Switzerland
Mastered by Patrik Schwitter at Sunhillstudio in Bremgarten, Switzerland

All songs written and arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyrics by Pascale Peng & René Blaser