Black Sun Rising

About this album

For this album Pascale Peng collaborated with many artists. Besides Pascale’s voice, you can also hear the strong and powerful voices of Eva Gisler and Terry Stevens. With Günter Lins, Marc Gertsch and Tom Steiner she was also able to win some gifted guitarists for her songs.

The whole album was mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima in Tower Studio, who has already worked for bands like Killswitsch Engage, Chimaira and Megadeth.

You can die a thousand times – Yo live in a thousand minds.

Lyrics of Jeanne d’Arc

We see the world, we hear it’s cries. We plant the greens, we break the ice. And when the night, has past it’s time, we know through us the world is fine.

Lyrics of Black Sun Rising

Black Sun Rising

Vocals on Jeanne d’Arc, A Way Away, Fire, When World Goes Dark and Black Sun Rising by Pascale Peng
Vocals on Twilight, Marina, Lies and Pride and Prejudice by Eva Gisler
Vocal on Cold Side of the Light by Terry Stevens

Guitars on Twilight, Jeanne d’Arc, Marina, Lies and When World Goes Dark by Günter Lins
Guitars on A Way Away and Black Sun Rising by Marc Gertsch
Guitars on Fire by Tom Steiner
Drums by Pascale Peng

Orchester by East West Symphonic Orchestra, written and arranged by Pascale Peng
Choir by East West Symphonic Choir, written and arranged by Pascale Peng

Mixed and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio

All songs arranged by Pascale Peng
Produced by Pascale Peng
Lyrics by Pascale Peng and René Blaser